You don’t have to rely on Google for traffic – or business sustainability!

I find that too many people rely on google for their business.  It’s no wonder why so many beginners quit far to early.  Post farmer/panda updates, it’s a new world out there in terms of SEO.  You can no longer “Game” Google to obtain favorable results.  When I say game Google, I mean throwing up simple 2 bit website, sending a few thousand backlinks to it and watching the site climb in the SERPS.

This is not going to be a post about what Google looks for now, as nobody really knows.  People have a good idea of what works and what does not, in fact Googlewebmaster tools will even tell you how ot structure your site to get the most out of it.

Instead, this post is just to let you know, just because you are not ranking #1 for your given KW in Google does not mean the world is over and your business is gone forever.

Did you know people were making A LOT of money long before Google, and will make a lot of money long AFTER Google goes away one of these days?

Driving traffic to your website is actually very easy.  The HARD thing (which is not really that hard) is making sure your website is converting the traffic.

Tai, how are you pulling this traffic? Simple: Paid sources and thinking outside of the internet marketing box.

For example, did you know that news papers ad’s still convert like crazy?  I fly regularly, and before I fly I always grab a newspaper.  This makes good reading material while you’re taxing prior to take off when your electronics have to be turned off.  I only read the Money section, bu regardless I ALWAYS see ad’s for a variety of business related services.

Now, before you go advertising in a national paper, you should always TEST your offering and verbiage.  This is pretty simple to, you can have controlled growth which is awesome.  Once you know your numbers you’ll be able to place your add in front of millions of people in a variety of ad places and convert like crazy.

Now, I’m not pitching only newspaper ad’s that was just an example, there are ton’s of online newsletters, e zines and tons of offline places to advertise.

The point is, Google is not the holy grail of traffic folks!!  Maybe if you’re #1 for the most popular KW but that will also take A LOT of time and work to ensure longevity.

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