Re-Inventing myself. A post from the heart.

Hello Everyone,

A some of you may already know me, or be students of mine.  A few years ago I started this journey to start an Internet Marketing businesses.  It’s hard to believe that was three years ago this December.  You can see my first blog HERE since then, a lot has changed.  I have met a lot of cool people, I have released a number of different products and I have made a good income from home.

After a while in this game I started to realize what it took to make money.  With eBay, the key is to buy low sell high.  My ebay course, really laid out a game plan to help people see the inside scoop and what it takes to become a player in the game.  My internet marketing career was focused primarily on clickbank, where I had great success. Some of you may have seen the video I created of my opening checks for thousands of dollars.

So now, you may be asking yourself, why are you reinventing yourself? The reason is simple.  For a long time I was focused on the transaction.  My goal was simply to engage in a transfer of funds from you to me.  Selfish, right? I think so too, but that was the road the Gurus I once followed led me down.

Now, if you know me, and you have purchased any of my products, you will know that is not totally the path I followed. I always strived to over deliver and provide value to the customer andto help answer questions that may have come up.  In fact, I answered thousands of questions and have received hundreds of messages from people saying how much I have inspired them, and I have am motivating them and their online business.

Yes – I did show people how to make money. However, I did not focus on helping people build and grow their business.

I struggled with this for a while.  I do not want to be known as the hype man, I want to be known as the guy who is truly making a difference in the way people conduct business online.  In fact, this year if you have not noticed I basically went underground for a while.  I essentially laid low.  I was undergoing a deep transformation.  I am still growing, and undergoing this transformation and soon, when I emerge I will be a totally new Tai Zejan.

My goal is to truly help people get back to the basics, run their business like a business, motivate and inspire them.  I would also like to see my business grow, but for the right reasons.  Of course,  that is the name of the game right? I have recently sought out a mentor who is going to help transform my business from a transaction based business to a people building business. My aim is to grow by helping others, simple as that.

I pledge not to be that Hype Man we have all come to love.  I am not going to make flashy video’s of me counting cash and opening checks anymore.  All that is inspirational to some but I have come to realize that the hype only does me good, rarely does it do you good.

I would love to hear from my friends and students.  Please post a comment below and let me know I have your support as I undergo this transformation.  It will mean a lot to and help me re-emerge a better me.

Be Inspired,

Tai Zejan

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36 Responses to Re-Inventing myself. A post from the heart.

  1. Bryan says:

    It’s good to see you back in action, I miss hearing from you bud!

  2. AK says:

    Tai, thank you very much for the course. It has helped me alot but I am still struggling to put it all together. I would love some personal coaching if possible, Please email me at [I removed your email for your safety, but I have it saved.]

    • TaiZejan says:

      Hello AK,
      I’m sorry I have not responded to your emails! If there is enough demand, I will certainly do a coaching program, a lot of people have expressed interest. I look forward to helping your business grow. I hate that you’re struggling, I’m certainly going to be giving away the goods pretty soon!


  3. Tremaine says:

    Thanks for keeping us posted. I learned so much from you, even though I am still struggling. I would love any new info or strategy you have learned in the last year. Sometimes it feels like every maker is so congested I have no hope of competing, I would love to dissmiss that feeling bounce back with more hope.
    Hope you’re well.


    • TaiZejan says:

      Hello Tremaine,
      A lot has changed, it’s actually getting easier to create income streams from online sources now with some new powerful techniques. Don’t worry, soon as I roll out some freebies you’ll be able to start taking advantage of new systems! Please keep your eyes posted on this blog as I plan to update it atleast once per week or so.


  4. Richie says:

    Hello Tai,

    Glad to hear from you again. Welcome back, Teacher Tai.
    A year ago, I bought a program from you and I still get lost not knowing where to get more help. Sometime you are too busy helping other people. Even you provide instructions and still not helpful enough. I did few steps and the last few of them got me confused. Then I gave up.
    How about I pick a product from Clickbank and you make the website for me after I buy the domain name. I can start selling and advertising, which is my job to do. That is an idea that would help lot of people. I’m tired of doing landscaping. I learn about computer for over 10 years. I want to do what you do. Sell products from Clickbank. It should not be that hard to do. Stay in touch, Tai.

    • TaiZejan says:

      Hello Richie,
      I’m sorry that I was not as responsive as you would have liked, it did get very overwhelming after a while. I’m also sorry that you were not able to reach the level of success that you wanted. However, my goal is to genuinly help people, that are in your shoes. People who want to make a change, they just don’t know where to start. That’s what the new Tai is all about, and I look forward to working with you! Stay tuned, and keep checking for updates as within the coming weeks a lot of great information will be given away for free.


  5. Hello Tai,
    Great to see you are back on the surface again. All the best with your on going journey and prosperity. Looking forward to some cool stuff.

  6. M. Jones says:

    Welcome back Tai. You were missed. I’ll be following your emails.

  7. Claude says:

    Hi Tai,
    I am afraid that I have a small problem. I did follow all of your instructions. My Adsense has gone up by $5.00 per month. ClickBank so far is still zero. My web site is rich in text and some ClickBank related to same subject. I had to do my site again because of the color and was overwhelming with ads. Now it seems better but still not enough people coming. I even bought a software to get the articles and directories done quick and 1000 of each done within 2 hours. Still, I am waiting for that break. Can you just have a quick peak at my site and tell me what I could improve on?
    Thanks a million $,

    • TaiZejan says:

      Hello Claude,
      You are facing the same struggles that a lot of people face, in a recent poll on internet marketers said that 99% of people don’t make any money at it. Despite all the books and everything out there. That means it’s mostly hype, and this is exactly what the Gurus want. However, soon that is all going to change, The way we do business is going to take a radical transformation, I can’t wait to share it with everyone.

      Stay tune,

  8. Jerome says:

    Dear Tai,
    I am glad to hear from you. Your earlier Youtube videos came at a time when I was just about burnt out with trying to make Money online. You gave me hope again. I bought your product, looking forward to becoming a 5K per Mnth guy. I very quickly ran into trouble and I could find NO one willing to help. I would love to dust that old course of yours off and grow to become that 5K – 10K per Mnth guy.

    I would love to see a detailed Video of the most common challenges your students faced while under going training and the solutions that made all the material work =)

  9. TaiZejan says:

    Hi Jerome,
    Soon I’m going to introduce a game plan that is meant for people to succeed. And if they don’t, it’s simply because of lack of focus and work. There is a formula that works, and I’m going to be sharing that with you, no doubt!


  10. Chris says:

    Hey Tai,

    It’s good to hear that you’re taking the opportunity to reinvent yourself and your business for the better. I know from experience reinventing yourself can be very educational, and change is always exciting and good. I am an avid reader and fan of self development. I like reading about people such as Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Les Brown, Stephen Covey, and many more.

    I want to thank you for spiking my interest in doing business online although I haven’t started anything yet. Ever since I took your course in April, I have done a ton of research on other methods of making money online. I have looked at successful online marketers such as Frank Kern, John Reese, and Stephen Pierce to name a few. I have watched and learned different methods of making money online such as: VRE, article marketing, facebook marketing, and niche marketing. This stuff can get really obsessive sometimes and I have to watch myself since art is my first love.

    Unfortunately, I cannot start anything at the moment since putting up websites cost money and I am currently unable to afford it due to financial difficulties. Also, Squidoo and Hubpages make it hard for online marketers to rank and promote affiliate links these days. Anyways, I look forward to the valuable content that you’re going to provide and I would like to learn of any free long-term methods of creating wealth online. Keep growing and changing my brotha.



  11. Lonnie says:

    I was surprise to here from you again, and I immediately open your email. I must say, you are one of the very few marketers online who tells it like it is and I look forward to working with you in the future Mr Zejan. Thanks for caring and may God bless you in all your future endeavors.

  12. Michael says:

    Hey Tai,

    It’s nice to here from you. Your course was the first that I bought and it really laid the foundation for what I have learned since. I will be keeping track and hopefully learning how to re-invent myself as well.

    Looking forward to your new programs.


  13. Destin says:

    You pretty much said what i could not effectively communicate. +1

    My blog:
    preisvergleich internetanbieter oder DSL anbieter

  14. Manuel Cruz says:

    Hey Tai ; I just wanted to say that I bought your breaking the money safe this year and I must say that its not working with putting clickbank links on squidoo or hub pages I dont know why they wont allow it. Any tips on this ? I really want to make it work because sick of buying product after product and nothing works like they claim. Yours seem legit. Please respond.

    • TaiZejan says:

      Hello Manuel,
      There have been some changes to sites like hubpages and squidoo. They just won’t allow some affiliate sources such as clickbank products anymore. Stay tuned, I’m going to be sharing some good methods soon.


  15. Charles says:

    Hey Tai I’ve taken your course back in FEB 2011. and since then you have changed my WHOLE OUTLOOK on internet marketing. I would appreciate if you started a coaching program! I been trying to contact you all year. WELCOME BACK

  16. Dave says:

    The new method of making money now is by facebook and twitter. Forget Hubpages, Squiddio and other blogs. You can still follow Tai’s lessons but apply it on creating blogs on Facebook notes, then promote using twitter and Facebook fan pages. Share with your friends and post messages on pages with many fans. Be careful not to spam, post cautiously by providing advice or contributing to existing conversation. It is working for me. Be patient because it takes a lot of hard work and time and you dont have to spend money on web hosting and domain names. Pick a product that you are passionate about and love to promote.

    • TaiZejan says:

      Hi Dave, thanks for your post. That is a good way to enter into the exchange function, direct dollar per transaction and has social proof. That method has been around for years, we used to do the same thing with online forums. In fact, that method still works exceptionally well. However, I’m interested in teaching people a higher level of marketing, not just teetering the line of being a social spammer but helping people to create a true following of loyal listeners who are all helping each other grow. That is my goal, and that is the system that is able to create massive amounts of money.

      I will NEVER put 100% trust in someone elses website. When Google decided to update their algorithm, thousands of business owners lost out on income. When hub pages and squidoo lenses decided to change their policy, again thousands lost out. Who is to say facebook won’t change their policies, or delete fan pages that you’re active on? It has happened. I’d rather be in control of my business. True, you can utilize facebook as a means for promotion but by suggesting that you don’t buy a domain for $11 and just put all of your info on Facebook is not something I would suggest to people serious about their business and future.

      Thanks for the input!


  17. Jean says:

    Hey Tai,

    Thanks for the tips in the three essential tools. I recommend the same to anyone thats serious. Despite the hiatus you still inspire me. I have tried and failed numerous approaches but I still kept going. Since then I have gained a lot in education and experience with internet marketing. I know I’m going to make it.

    • TaiZejan says:

      You have a great attitude my friend, that’s major in this game! One of the biggest reasons why people fail is simple.. THEY QUIT!

      Stay inspired!

  18. k2 reviews says:

    Great! thanks for the share!

  19. Paul says:

    Tai, it’s good to hear from you again after a long absence. I got your Break The Safe Money System several years ago in 2009, and I was wondering if the basic strategies covered in that system (article marketing in particular) still work in today’s world, especially in the post-Panda world?

    I vaguely remember you mentioning in an email that you had a student who applied this system full-bore, and was able to make over $2000 her first month – I was just wondering if these same results could be replicated today following the Break The Safe Money System?


    • TaiZejan says:

      Hi Paul,
      I had a few students who did really well. One of them is still rocking away. Post Panada, things certainly have changed. Now, you have to focus on quality of content and uniqueness of content. As you know, before you could just throw up a site, get a few hundred backlinks and bam, your site was ranked number one. It’s not that easy anymore, however if you build a site that is “panda friendly” with good solid unique content, etc it will stand the test of time…or atleast we hope so.

      The other thing that is a must now is utilizing social media. Social proof is a big thing to google, the more chatter about your product or service through likes, comments, tweets, etc the better.

      The other thing that’s important is to never put all your eggs in one basket. There have been dozens and dozens of websites that essentially lost a majority of revenue when google started to roll out the updates. It’s important to do internet marketing, ebay, offline marketing, consulting, etc , it’s all about mutiple streams of income. I can’t stress that enough, how important multiple streams of income are.

      Thanks for your comment!


  20. Robert says:

    Magnificent! As Usual Tai

  21. hans says:

    i found your video on you tube just recently and have been studying the course from 09′
    change is never comfortable at first , thats why its called learning and based on what i
    can tell from your bio you love to learn. sucess is yours and why i keep coming back to your material is i sense you understand the value of a penny earned. i for one will be waiting

  22. Fantastic goods from you, man. Re-Inventing myself. A post from the heart. | I have understand your stuff previous to and you are just extremely excellent. I really like what you’ve acquired here, certainly like what you are saying and the way in which you say it. You make it entertaining and you still take care of to keep it sensible. I can not wait to read much more from you. This is really a great Re-Inventing myself. A post from the heart. | informations.

  23. Cinda says:

    I have tried to use that dreamweaver program and no luck for the last 4 days I did everything else clickbank, niche ideas , wordtracker, google that you said but, help please can’t get my computer to let me see the content on template I, only the numbers an the blue, yellow and red square over each one on bullets, etc. and dreamweaver can’t find that one at all.

  24. Chris says:

    This particular web site is the only one that I found which has actually helped me. My partner and I suggest it to anyone!

  25. Durell Brown says:

    Hello Tai, i’m just meeting you and i’m new to this Internet Marketing/Making Money Online thing, and i know i will be successful at it after reading your whole website page. I truly have a lot of respect for people like you who is willing to help and teach the public, that tells me a lot about you already and i don’t even know you. I watched your video on You Tube of you cashing out $8,000 and that brought me to your website, everything you talk about in your website is really true and i’m going to follow every step you talk about into becoming a successful Click Bank affiliate. Oh and one last thing who ever your mentor is tell him thank you too. Because i see that person “he or she” is one of the big reasons you do what you do. Just keep keepin it real wit the public and you’ll be a Millionaire in know time.

    ***Thanks a lot man***
    Durell Brown Sr.

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