The importance of the “List”

What is internet marketing, if you don’t know how to build a list, or you don’t have a list?  After all you need an audience, right?  It has come to my attention that most internet marketers fail severely when it comes to list building.  List building should come naturally, and everything you do should be focused around the list.

What is a list? It’s simple a list of followers or buyers.  It’s important to remain in communication with these people, as they will be the driving force behind your internet marketing business.  There is a rule of thumb, for each person on your list you should be able to make $1/month.  So if you have 500 people that are quality folks you should be able to make at least 500 per month.   So on and So forth.

At first I didn’t feel comfortable with my list when I first started IM’ing a few years ago.  My thing was this: I didn’t want to “bother” my list.  I know how it is getting slammed with random product offerings and promotions, I didn’t want ot be that guy.  However, there are ways to promote items that don’t turn you into “that guy.”  Simply offering products that you know trust and use it the best philosphy, products that you totally believe in.  Think of your mailing list like your personal phone book.  When you buy that new shiny product, what’s the first thing you do? You tell your friends and family! Then what do they do? SOMEONE will go out and buy it, it’s a sure thing.  However, if you buy something random that nobody will appreciate, and you know it.. will you still tell them? Probably not.  And worse yet, if you don’t even buy the item to try it out yourself, you just offer it.. do you still tell them all about it and why they should buy it? No, of course not!

So you can’t treat your mailing list like that, respect your list and they will love you for it, offer good products, communicate with them, offer tips and tricks and you will build a loyal following.

So how do you build a mailing list?

  1. You need to have an autoresponder first and foremost,  I use auto aweber.
  2. You need to create a “squeeze page”
  3. You need to have a compelling offer, or a give away.
  4. You need Traffic.
Okay, so let’s break this down.

Auto Responder:

This is the heart of your list I would date say. It’s nearly impossible to build a sizable list without one.  It’s what you need to manage your subscribers, and does all of the back end.  When I first started, I was going to try o go the free route, but trust me, to install your own custom list, and all that can be much more headache then what it is worth, aweber has a great deal, the first month is $1

Squeeze Page

You’ve seen a squeeze page whether you know it, or not.  It’s simply a quick little page that offers something and encourages the visitor to enter their name/email and exchange for something like a free report, free access, instant download etc.  Visitors are not just going ot up and give you their contact information for nothing, and as time progresses the offer has to get much more compelling.. a simply 1 page report is not going to cut it, unless it’s a VERY SOLID and interesting one page report.

Compelling offer:

I sort of talked about this above.. essentially, you must give something away.  If you don’t give anything away you won’t get them on your list, that’s a promise. Don’t let thins scare you though,  there are a lot of sources out there for you to get PLR (Prive label rights) products for little or no money, and you can simply just give that sort of information away, or you can create your own for free.  This post is not about product creation, but i will go into that later.


Auto Responder + Compelling offer + No TRaffic = No list.

YOU NEED TRAFFIC.  Just like I said the autoresponder is the heart of the mailing list, TRAFFIC is the absolute heart of internet marketing.. you need an audience.  There are a ton of ways to get traffic.  A few posts ago I mentioned youtube traffic.  So what you’ll want to do is enter the link to your squeeze page in the description of your youtube channel, that will drive people to your funnel.

Another good way to get traffic is by visiting the warrior forum, being active in the community, provide helpful tips and hints.  In your Signature file, you should put a link to your squeeze page, if you position yourself as an expert in something people will want what you have.

Another good way to get traffic is to buy it using paid traffic sources such as adwords, mediatraffic or lead impact. I don’t suggest you pay for your traffic until you hammer down good campaigns that are working using free methods first.

Well, this post has went on a lot longer then it should have, but I think it’s an important post.

Please post any comment and struggles you have building a list below, I’ll be sure to respond!

Stay Inspired,
Tai Zejan


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7 Responses to The importance of the “List”

  1. Chris says:

    List building is very important in the success of your online business, but I disagree that you should keep making offers to your list in every email that you send them. Part of the reason to build a list is to build a relationship with your list. A small community. When you build a relationship with your list, your conversion rates go up once you make an offer to them because they trust you. Apple is well known for doing this, and as a former employee of Apple, they placed alot of importance on building relationships with their customers and providing valuable solutions to their community. Also I’ve never heard of the saying for every person on your list you should be able to make a dollar. Can you clear this up for me? Thanks


    • TaiZejan says:

      You’re absolutely right. List building is about relationships. I guess i didn’t really think about that as to me it seems like common sense, it is important to mention as people don’t have that common sense which is why some people send 5 emails a day of nothing but product offerings. You hit the nail on the head though, you must establish a relationship with your list to make it effective. And yes, within the internet marketing realm, the saying is, for every person you have on your list you should be able to make $1/month from. Now, some variable go into this, that’s why used the word quality. You can have a bunch of low quality leads on your list and expect positive returns, however if you have a quality list, that formula is what is excepted. The warrior forum talks a lot about that and list building. From my experience, it’s fairly accurate too.

      Thanks for the input!


  2. Yes I agree with you Tai that building a list is the only thing that you should focus on.
    The best way is to buy subscribers from solo mailing to get your self started.

    The worst thing for newbies about the warrior forum is that you can easily become addicted buying wso’s and not implementing them (I used to do this).

    I disagree about the figure of every person on your list could be worth a dollar. This saying originates from the Guru push when it comes to selling products. Just makes it sound good. Its called a reference point this is used when writing sales copy. To me it is just BS.

    As Chris mentions build your relationship with you list like the Apple model. We all do not have the branding power like Apple has created.

    I email my list every day and if they don’t like it they are free to leave. Theory being is they will get used to getting a email from you everyday.

    Must rush have to send an email to my list about a couple of give a way events coming up.
    You can find about these on my blog as well.
    Have fun till next time,
    we out of here..Bruce

    • TaiZejan says:

      Hello Bruce,
      Thanks for the comment. I agree, that figure is probably a guru push, but at the same time I find that it is pretty accurate, I have talked to a number of IMers with sizeable lists and they all say that is about how it works. Again, at the end of the day it’s all about the quality of the list.. and if you are in constant contact with your list, building solid relationships with the folks on board then the quality will be there.

      I think the main message here is the importance of the list, in this day in age you have to have a list, you can’t always count as google/facebook/twitter/youtube to be our only form of contact. You never know when you wake up to a suspended twitter account, Facebook account or new google update killing your rankings. It’s happened to the best marketers, I know I have had my fair share of account suspensions.

      Your list, you own. That’s the main message I’m trying to portray.

      I love this discussion though! I’ll check out your blog Bruce!

      Talk soon,

  3. Chris says:

    Hey Tai thanks for the reply. I heard from Jeff Walker the creator of the Product Launch Formula said that you can expect to have a 1-3 percent from a quality list. I’ve also heard this figure from others on the warriors forum. Anyways, I find to stay observed of other businesses such apple, best buy, and any other businesses. I find paying attention to other businesses and how they’re ran you can learn alot and implement it into your own and translate it into the internet world. Anyways, just my two cents.


  4. Frank says:

    Hey Tai. I am new to aweber and the list thing. What would be the best method to place your autoresponder? Should I place it in the sidebar of my website, or should I use it in a squeeze page to opt in for a free ebook before they are redirected to the affiliate offer??

    • TaiZejan says:

      One of the best things to do is to give something of value away for free. I get no less then 10 submissions a day by giving away my free course (in the top of this page) feel free to use this model.


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