Generating Traffic – A must for business success.

How many successful retail stores do you know with no business? I’m not a magician, by any means but I can guess the answer is a big fat zero! Why is this? Simple, traffic drives business. Without traffic, you won’t make any money. Simple concept, I know plenty of people are thinking “Tai, we already know this.” If this is the case, my question in return is, so why are you barely achieving success?

It’s simple, most people know the importance of traffic, but they don’t know how to get it. So lets go back. There are a number of types of traffic too, some quality, some not so much.. if you are generating low quality traffic you’ll have to generate more of that traffic to see the same level as activity as you would with high quality traffic sources.

There are a lot of ways to generate traffic, in this blog posting, I’m going to talk about one free source that has the potential to generate a TON of traffic if you know what you’re doing.

In fact, alot of people who know about me are as a result of this one method.

Yes, that’s right.  The fact of the matter is, youtube is becoming one of the first places to go to search on popular topics!  Are you in the weight loss niche?  Great, you should be making (or outsourcing) youtube video’s on a regular basis, and in the description you need to link back to your site.  This will do 2 things, 1) build solid quality backlinks and 2) generate traffic.

The video’s don’t even have to be fancy, you don’t have to be gimicky or anything, just a quick informational video made in windows movie maker works just fine!  You can easily generate 50-100 visitors per day using youtube a lone.

A lot of people shy away from youtube for various reasons, one of the main ones is they assume that they have to be some professional video master with high end equipment. FALSE.  One of my close friends uploades no less then 10 video’s per week per niche and generates a very healthy income.

They other REALLY nice thing about youtube video’s is they tend to rank a lot higer a lot quicker in the search engine’s then a typical website.  It’s no uncomming to upload a video, and it get indexed within hours.  If you’re in a niche that has medium competition you can be on the first page of Google within no time.

Youtube, Get it done!

Be Inspired,

Tai Zejan

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8 Responses to Generating Traffic – A must for business success.

  1. Hey Tai nice post. I’ve been researching on how to generate more traffic to my website for months now. My goal is to get at least 3000 visitors per day to my business through providing valuable information to my targeted visitors by writing articles and ranking each one high in google. My belief is to use multiple traffic sources to get your business happening such as youtube, and social media like you mentioned. Anyways, nice man I look forward to the other posts in the future.


    • TaiZejan says:

      That’s awesome news. I hope you stick with it my friend, social media is a great way to drive traffic!I Your site is pretty nice my friend.


  2. Tremaine says:

    Good point, I bought a ebook about video marketing and the info was amazing I have applied it with a click bank product and with little work saw a few hops and that was just bye commenting on 35 videos in a given nitch, scaled up this could be a couple hundred dollars just on commenting.

  3. Charles says:

    Hey Tai. I am thinking about buying MICRO NICHE FINDER do you still think this is a good investment?

    I want to write articles to get targeted traffic (do you think this is still avenue of getting traffic in 2011-2012?

    • TaiZejan says:

      Hello Charles,
      Micro niche finder is still useful, however over the past year has slown down significantly. for my KW research, I use the google keyword tool, it’s effective and has good results and is fairly accurate with a good portrait of the market.

      Hope that helps!


  4. Ela says:

    Hi, Tai (such a nice,unique name)thanks for that wonderful post. I discovered your video yesterday on youtube,while I was researching how to make money with clickbank.It is so true that utube has a great potential for traffic. I am so new to this thing and there are so many things to learn but I am happy to discover your site. Thanks again:)

  5. Rafi says:

    Hey Tai,

    Can I email you if by any chance? I keep getting fail notices whenever Im trying to email you.


  6. dj says:

    Don’t know the first thing on where I should begin all I know is I’m motvated and intretsted in making money online as an affiliate marketer. There is so much to learn so much to do after my full time job. I’m ready to get the ball rolling so that I can eliminate my job and dedicate all or most of my time to being an affiliate I need a 1 on 1 mentor that helpsme more then bits and pieces from different sources still not getting all the info but if you can help me please email me thanks for the info.

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