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Hello! I’m glad you landed on my site and it’s my guess that you are wondering “Who is Tai Zejan?”

I am a down to the bone, entrepreneur.   I’m from a small town in update New York with more cows then people. It was a very industrious town led by IBM.  In high school, my family moved down to NC where I later went on to graduate with a degree in the sciences.  I am a firm believer in education.  Now, does this mean formal education? No, not necessarily. However, it is important to feed the brain with knowledge.  Whether you acquire that knowledge from college, an online forum, a mentor or a book, it is still a form of education.

Currently I own a eBay business, Internet Marketing business as well as going to school full time pursing my M.B.A.  Pursuing the graduate degree is something I have always wanted to do, and have a means to make that happen has been a blessing in my life.  Frankly, without eBay and the Internet Marketing business, I do not know if I could have made this all possible.

Not only that, but I have also been able to volunteer more then 700hours in 2011 at one of the worlds best hospitals. This is something that meant a lot to me and will help facilitate the progression of my professional career in health care management.

I have released a number of products which have all been fairly well received over the past several years, from ebay courses to Internet Marketing courses.  I have helped all over the world achieve things they never once though possible.  However now, I am planning on taking my business to the next level which includes a new mind set and a new fresh set of goals.

For fun, I love to drive fast cars, ride mountain bikes and read books.  My Wife and I absolutely love to take exotic vacations to places like Mexico, Jamaica and The Bahamas.  Recently, we spent a week at an all inclusive luxury resort in Negril, Jamaica.  Again, all this is funded through my business activities.

One thing that sets me apart from a lot of Internet Marketing professionals is that my goal is not to make money and just sit around on an exotic island for months at a time.  I love to keep busy and learn new things, I went to college because I have a passion for science and business.  I am pursuing a career in Health Care Management and I have a back ground in neurological research.  I do not look at a “JOB” as something I MUST do to get the bills paid.  My business provides more then enough money to live off.  A job to me, is an activity that stimulates my mind – outside of my online ventures.  I really love doing what I do, I just happen to get paid to do it.  The coolest thing is knowing that I have the ability to be very picky of the jobs I do, and so far they have all been REALLY COOL!  My most recent job was in 2009 – 2010. It was a 9 month project where I got to work side by side some of the top researchers in the country working on a drug to help fight against Alzheimers.  Once I graduate in May 2012 with my M.B.A in Health Care, I will choose to work at a organization that has similar goals and beliefs as I do.

Well, I feel like I probably wrote too much in this “about me” section, but I think it is important that you get to know me on a personal level.

So I want to leave you with a little nugget.  Your motivations should be larger than the challenges you will face to achieve your goals.  If you let the challenges stop you, that means you were lacking in motivation.

Be Inspired

-Tai Zejan


22 Responses to About TaiZejan

  1. Richie says:


    You are alright guy. I’m jealous of you, because you know how to make a website and sell products from Clickbank. You make big bucks, while I’m working for my boss making him richer. I’m still reading the other book that show me how to make a website. I’m getting better understanding on how to make a website and buy a domain name. So hopefully, I can do what you do.

  2. Chris says:

    Giant goals, create giant motivation!

  3. Nguyet says:

    Serious enthusiast of the blog, loads of your blog posts have really helped me out. Looking forward to posts!

  4. AK says:

    Tai, I find myself visiting this site everyday and constantly refreshing the page to see if you have made any new posts. You have definitely inspired me and I’m highly looking forward to learning more from you.

    • TaiZejan says:

      Hi AK,
      Sorry I’ve been meaning to post an update. I’m going through an exam cycle with school which demands a majority of my attention. You’ll be hearing from me soon 🙂


  5. Sane says:

    Hello Tai,
    I am new at internet marketing and I would like to know where to start, ebay or clickbank? I also am working on building and putting on line a website (selling mostly perfumes, liquors, tobacco products to overseas customers) what would be the best and more secure payment option for my customers? thanks sane

    • TaiZejan says:

      Hello Sane,
      in terms of where to start, that all depends on you. I find it’s easier for me to help people make more money quicker with ebay, then with internet marketing. Why? Because ebay is a commodity based business. You buy something day, and sell it the next day. eBay has a ton of traffic, and if you’re playing in a high traffic areas, your bound to make a sale. With the internet, it’s a little bit more complex, people go years without making a sale. Up front, internet marketing is “cheaper” as it doesnt cost much, but in the same token, there is another element to consider, like competition and how good will you be at driving traffic.

      I’m not sure paypal will work for the sales of liquor and tobacco, you may have to discuss that with a third part merchant and find one that supports such products.

      I hope that helps a little!


  6. rich says:

    Glad to hear you’re doing well.

    I was wondering if there was an email address we can address questions to?

    • TaiZejan says:

      Sure, you can always reply to any of the emails I send out, if you’re not a member of my list yet, please sign up. you can do so by getting access to the video course.


  7. shane says:

    Hey Tai,
    Wonderful website and yes I am wanting to do the same thing.
    I recently watched you in a video on youtube (driving to the post office and getting your$7,000 check) I clicked on the link below the video and a page came up saying that this affiliate had been suspended.
    I’m just wondering what you did so I don’t do that.
    I believe in mapping the success of others…. if it has worked for them why change it.
    That would suck to be making big money then without warrning have it snatched away.
    I Don’t want to do that and I’m sure your readers don’t want that to happen either.
    I’m just getting started in the affilate marketing and I’m sure I will make many many mistakes. I don’t even know what the heck to start promoting….def a noob at this 🙂


    • TaiZejan says:

      Hello Shane,
      The problem is, a lot of people stole that video of me and the posted it on youtube linking it to their own affiliate offer. At first I tried to stop them, but then it started to spread really quick. I removed the origional youtube of my driving to the post office, so pretty much all of the ones you see are someone else who stole my origional one 🙁

    • TaiZejan says:

      Hello Shane,
      The problem is, a lot of people stole that video of me and the posted it on youtube linking it to their own affiliate offer. At first I tried to stop them, but then it started to spread really quick. I removed the origional youtube of my driving to the post office, so pretty much all of the ones you see are someone else who stole my origional one 🙁

  8. Bianca Gibson says:

    Hey Tai do you have any training or tools so I can be succesful with click bank .

  9. Ezera Eugene Jr. says:

    Hey Tai,
    I’m a newcomer to your website and I am excited to get into the industry world of internet marketing. My question would have to come in the form of…what is the best hosting plan that I should start out with?

  10. Josh says:

    Is Internet Marketig still achievable in 2012 or is it to saturated. I checked some of the stuff I’d like to make a website on, but they are all to saturated with millions and billions of webpages.

  11. Michael G says:

    I just wanted to say you are such an inspiring role model for me, I’ve tried to sell products for amway, organo gold… and all i’ve ended up is with nothing and no money left in my bank account. selling is not my strong point but what you have shown me is the will and the power to push to achieve goals and dreams and make them a reality. Well I hope you get this and let me now what you think thanks bro.
    Michael Guevara

  12. Gerald Hancock says:

    hello Tai,
    I’ve had a chance to see, i think all of your “You-Tube Videos” and i’m very interested in purchasing your course, but, the one thing i haven’t herd mention was is this course “NEWBIE” Friendly, i’m not to familiar with some of the terms i’ve herd mention. I’m very new to internet marketing, is this course right for a beginner.


  13. Bill Walton says:

    Just wondering Tai why do you have to go to school and pursue a different career altogether if you were making so much money with Clickbank? I also understand that Google changed their search algorithim and as such content farms can no longer rank higher in search engines as before. So what is the new method now? How can one use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn to accomplish the same results as writing content on blogs.

    • TaiZejan says:

      Hi Bill,
      Excellent question. I always wanted to work in corporate America in some strange way. I grew up watching my Dad get all button’d up, going to work, and managing others. I thought that was so cool. Clickbank and eBay allowed me the opportunity to get my MBA which has propelled my “professional career.” I’ve been afforded the opportunity to really get involved in things I WANT to do, not things I’m forced to do. Some of my friends think I’m crazy.. but you know what, it’s my life 🙂 Google has been changing, not for the bad but for the better. They have really cut down on a bunch of crap, so if you provide solid content, you’ll be rewarded. The past several years I have been using paid advertising, including facebook ads. It’s the quickest way to drive traffic and build your list. When I first started, and upto about 3 years ago it was easy to use free methods. If you don’t have a lot of money and you have some time you can still work the free methods.. but if you have a little money I’d recommend start learning paid methods!


  14. Sabrina says:

    Hey Tai,

    (I responded to your email but it kept bouncing back) Thanks for reaching out! I do have a few questions. I am an actress and I do not want to mix the two, so when you say email list are you referring to the ppl you already know? And when marketing to the ppl you already know do they know its you marketing to them, or does it seem like its the company/product marketing to them? If I did not want to use my current email list how does one build a great list? Im also just skeptical about it in general so im really trying to branch out and have a supplement income coming in besides acting, and believe everything coming to me is for my highest good but Ive been told for so long that this stuff is scams and you all make most of your money just selling this “how to info” not really from the internet marketing. So are you REALLY going to be hands on with me if I sign up? Is your product similar to Google Sniper 2.0??

    THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for taking the time to answer my questions/concerns, it means a lot.

  15. Noah Bowens Jr says:

    I have been doing Internet Marketing for about a year with no success. Just recently I have came to a conclusion to sell my own product on clickbank and promote it. I can see that you have had major success with the Internet and wanted to pick your brain a little. Could you tell me if this is a good choose to start selling my own products. If so, How should I go about it? Is PPC a better method when promoting? I got a lot more question but I just wanted to start out with a small list of questions.

    • TaiZejan says:

      Hi Noah,

      I always tell people starting out to remember K.I.S.S…..keep it stupid simple! Creating your own product can be time consuming and ineffective.. you can also get bogged down in a lot of technical details. Why create your own product when there are thousands already made to be sold 🙂



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